Spanish casita with great view over our orange garden and valley
September 15, 2020
Euro 75 per night
Contact us through or by phone/Whatsapp +34 - 674 521 533
The casita is located on the estate La Mina San Cayetano, a former coal mine complex that was active till 1986. On the site there are a total of 4 privately located casitas, one of which is occupied by the Dutch owners (Ans Lammers and Mark Wiersma). This casita is the largest of all 4 with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 terraces (1 on the south side and 1 on the west side), a spacious kitchen and with great views on the south terrace towards the orange garden and further across the valley at Inca - the 3rd largest city in Mallorca. Selva lies at the foot of the Tramuntana mountain range. If you want to go into the mountains, you're there in a few ...... Read full article...
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