We call it the bad house, but it's not so bad after all...
September 13, 2020
Euro 55 per night
Contact us through mark.aswyn@gmail.com or phone/Whatsapp +34 - 674 521 533
The 'bad house' is located on the estate La Mina San Cayetano, a former coal mine complex that was active till 1986. On the site there are a total of 4 privately located casitas, one of which is occupied by the Dutch owners (Ans Lammers and Mark Wiersma).

The bad house is not really bad, but it does not meet the standards we like to offer to our guests. We rented it out the first time to people who were desperate finding accommodation and they wanted to stay with us (they had stayed here before). They even asked us if the chicken coop could be used to sleep in. We said that the bad house was vacant - as only ...... Read full article...
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